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Sweet and spicy Chinese herring

Chinese herring is tasty as much as a proverb "Chinese herring is still Chinese herring even if it is rotten." This means all other fishes are false except for Chinese herring. In other words, once you have tasted, Chinese herring is a real fish.The seasoned Chinese herring is the best to stimulate your appetite.

As Chinese herring has a lot of bone in the whole body unlike other fishes, you should pay attention. Chinese herring is one of fishes having rich protein and also rich Vitamin B, which is good for weak person as nourishing food. In the old cooking book, lots of food made with Chinese herring are described. These days, it is a rare fish but there used to be various recipes for Chinese herring such as soup, salted, jochi, dumplings.

  • 먹음직스러운 준치무침 한상
  • 빨갛게 잘 버무려진 준치무침 한접시